How to login to Outlook Email | Outlook Login

How to login to Outlook Email | Outlook Login
Outlook email is a free email service from Microsoft. It is also a fundamental part of the Office suite. Likewise, it has an email application of the same name. Outlook login can be used on its email application or on the web. It basically will be an email service you can do so much more with. For example, you can use your Outlook email address for many things. One is using Skype or building a social profile with it. Likewise, Gmail login is another email service that comes in handy. It is also a free email service provided by Google Inc.

How to Login to Outlook Email?

1.   Open a new tab on your web browser.
1.    Then, on that tab, go to
2.    On that homepage, go ahead and click on Sign in button.
3.    This button is blue with white letterings.
4.    First, type in your full Outlook email address.outlook login
5.    Click Next or press Enter key to continue.
6.    Second, go on to type in your password. Do not mix up the lower case with upper case and vice versa. Passwords are case sensitive.
7.    Next, either tick or untick the box next to Keep me signed in
8.    It is better to untick that while using a public computer
9.    You can finally click on the Sign in button to login

To better protect your Outlook login details, remember to sign out after every use. Or better still, lock your PCs or laptops with a password. You can also download the Microsoft Outlook app on your smartphone. This makes it easy to access your email on your phone. If you ever get your email account compromised, you can easily recover it.
How to Reset Password for Hotmail Login?
1.    Click on the Forgot my password link on Outlook sign in page.
2.    Then, choose one of the three options available.
3.    I forgot my password step:
4.    Tick next to the I forgot my password text and click on Next.
5.    On the next step, type in your full Hotmail email address.outlook reset password
6.    Then, look for the code in the Verification image. Type that in the box provided for you.
7.    Click on Next to continue.
8.    For the “We need to verify your identity” step, choose any of the option available.
9.    This will require you to verify you are indeed the owner.
10.    In the Verify your identity step, provide the code you received and click on Next.
11.    After that, provide a new strong password in the two boxes provided. Make sure they are the same.
12.    Click on Next and have your password reset. So now you can use your Outlook login again.
13.    I think someone else is using my Microsoft account step:
14.    Next, a Menu will appear with options you can choose from.
15.    Select the best option that describes why you suspect of misuse of your email account.
16.    Then, type in your email address and click on Next.
17.    You will need to set a new password.
18.    Then, you will need to set up extra security measures to fully protect your account.
19.    Make sure you always protect your Outlook login. This makes sure you do not need to


take such steps as mentioned above. Also, it can be helpful if you use Outlook for business purpose as well. Please leave us a feedback or comment below.

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